On the Morta Rhodes

On the Morta Rhodes

Rhodesian shape bowls, with adapters, for Kirsten interchangeable bowl pipes.

It was flippin’ HOT today. Like 117F hot. But I hadn’t been in the workshop much all week so out there I went. Just me and Sauron out there – ever notice he’s always giving you the side eye? Anyway, I made these two Morta Rhodesian bowls for Kirsten pipes finished, and made good progress on a stubby Apple, also Morta.

One of these bowls is a commission piece, while the other I’m keeping for personal use. Both of them are WireBlasted© and lemon oil treated to protect the wood and bring out the deep black of the Morta wood. They feature 1 inch bore chambers 1-1/2 inches deep, and are 2 inches wide and just shy of 2 inches tall.

I’ll take advantage of the heat and blame it for this, but I over sized the adapter mount hole on the latter bowl so I had to plug it and re-drill. I’ll let it cure for a day or so and give it a formal test run on Morta Monday.

Happy smokes, folks.

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