Deep Irish

Deep Irish

The very first pipe I made was a Dublin I carved from a kit block using simple hand tools, a vague idea of what a pipe ought to look like, and not a clue what I was getting into. I didn’t even really know I was making a Dublin at the time until I showed it to another pipe maker and they said “Nice Dublin!”

So this is my second crack at the shape, this time from a solid block of plateau Manno. The grain lines worked out such that they help accentuate the bowl’s shape, and I decided to make this one a stack and leave a little bit of the plateau exposed on the rim. It’s fitted with a whimsical dark blue acrylic stem to compliment the Navy Blue & Green contrast stained finish.

I’ve been experimenting with a process I call BrushBlast as a substitute for sand blasting which I am not set up for currently. It worked wonders on the Morta pipes I’ve been making so I decided to give it a go with the super-dense grain of Briar and I like how it brought out the flame grain and growth rings on this piece. I hope you like it too!

This one being sort of a prototype and muse for later works is staying in my personal collection.

Measurements: 4.6″ long by 1.75″ wide by 2.3″ tall.

Smoking Chamber: 0.8″ bore x 2″ deep.

Weight: 1.9oz / 53gm

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